Nolan Bushnell (Founder of Atari and Steve Jobs first boss) announces during the GEC 2013 the birth of School of Life, the global entrepreneurship academy created by the Brazilian serial entrepreneur Ricardo Bellino, where extraordinary people and disruptive ideas will meet. A true synchronicity university committed  to find the next Steve Jobs thru a global tournament to be officially launched at the GEC 2013 stage.

School of Life (SOL) is a non-profit entrepreneurship academy based in Wynwood Miami, at the heart of the new trendy neighborhood in America, with virtual offices at the LAB Miami, where the creativity of extraordinary thinkers will have the opportunity to develop and thrive. The philosophy is based on a global community of passionate individuals connecting to grow and share ideas. A real “think tank” with inspiring mentorships will create an environment where participants are not seen as ‘“students” but as apprentices. The end goal is neither a grade, credential nor degree, but instead, a true path for executing disruptive ideas, launching new ventures and changing the world. Business innovation and inspiration work in synchronicity to foster the dreams of today’s most talented entrepreneurs. SOL can exponentially expand the scope of success for its participants, thereby becoming a hub for any and all who wish to utilize their optimism and enthusiasm. Every dream deserves the chance to prosper. 
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