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Atari's founder launches a global challenge to find innovative entrepreneurs through Crowdfunding


RIO DE JANEIROMarch 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Nolan Bushnell (Atari\'s founder, known as the father of video games and Steve Job's first boss) announces at the Global Entrepreneurship Conference the official launch of School of Life. The School of Life is a global entrepreneurship academy where extraordinary people and disruptive ideas will meet. They are committed to finding the next Steve Jobs through a global crowdfunding campaign in a partnership with




The academy is a real \"think tank\" where inspiring mentors will create an environment where participants are not seen as \'\"students\" but as apprentices. The goal is to create a path for executing disruptive ideas through new ventures.


\"We will give our apprentices the opportunity for their ideas to come to fruition. School of Life will host two 111-day training seasons, where rigorously chosen minds will work and develop together. Potential candidates will submit their elevator pitches with a 3-minute video. The behind the scenes will become a reality show where the next Steve Jobs will get a US$1,000,000 investment to launch a new venture," says Ricardo Bellino , Founder and Entrepreneur in Chief of School of Life Academy.


\"School of Life has the ability to ignite the passions of today\'s vast online community by empowering people to fund the projects that speak to them. This, in turn, motivates and inspires apprentices to develop projects that have a direct and positive impact on others,\" adds Nolan Bushnell , Co-Founder and Honorary Chair of School of Life Academy.


Every entrepreneur in the world will be able to become a member of School of Life and enroll into its \"Finding The Next Steve Jobs Global Challenge\" selection by supporting the school\'s fundraiser on When You Wish with just US$25. Other cool rewards include Atari consoles signed by Bushnell for only US$200.


About When You Wish is based in Santa Monica, California and was the first international crowdfunding platform to go overseas. \"This is the first time entrepreneurs are called upon to become a part of something truly incredible. As a global platform, we at WuW are thrilled with this partnership with SOL not only as an amazing opportunity for Americans and Brazilians, but we see it as game-changing for innovators all over the world,\" adds Dave Harvilicz , CEO and co-founder of


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